Damas Island Mongrove Fishing

Going for: Sea Bass Snapper Snook Grouper Machaca

Mangrove fishing is a type of fishing in the mangroves right off the coast.

The beautiful Mangrove swamps of Damas Island is home to our legendary Mangrove Fishing Costa Rica. The primary river that flows through the swamp is full of abundant wildlife and plant life. While in the Mangroves you will be fishing for SEA BASS, Mangrove Snapper, Snook, Grouper, and Machaca among others. With sizes ranging from 12″ (30 cm) to 60″ (1.5 meters). We use flat bottom boats so we can navigate through the swamps efficiently and at the proper time that the tides allow us to. All of our boats have an extended canopy across the boat and has plenty of seating available.

A variety of methods and baits can be used to lure these fish into biting. Casting crank baits, top waters or swim baits along the mangrove shoreline are great ways to find the fish, especially snook. The same tactics can be done with live bait such as shrimp, mullet or sardines. For super-sized snapper and grouper, soaking a large crab, mullet, or piece of tuna in the rocks, deep holes or even the sunken structures will give you the top edge of hooking up with a monster. Fishing for big grouper or snapper requires serious heavy tackle and line. All of our boats are both equipped with light and heavy tackle to ensure the Costa Rica Best Fishing experience that can be offered here in The Mangrove Sportfishing Costa Rica.

One of the advantages of mangrove fishing is that you have the opportunity to see different types of wildlife that live nearby, such as white-faced monkeys and sloths.

Mongrove Fishing

Good for Families or Friends
$ 490 Up to four People
  • Round trip transportation
  • Snacks, Soft Drinks and Beers
  • Fishing equipment and bait.
  • Experimented captain.
  • Naturalistic Bilingual Guide.
With Monkeys

Boat: Gato Echado

Custom Build comfortable Mangrove fishing boat powered by the 75 hp Suzuki engine.

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