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Fishermans from all over the world flock to the Costa Rica's oceans looking for a big game fishing.

If you have a competitive spirit, landing one of these big-game fish is a thrill of a lifetime.

A good captain and team take into account location, tackle, weather and water conditions as well as other factors for a successful excursion. Your team will harness you up, and put
you on the fish – while it’s a team effort to land a big marlin or sailfish, it is one of the most personally rewarding experiences for beginner or fishing aficionado.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert fisherman,  offshore sport fishing off of Manuel Antonio’s pristine coast is one adventure you don’t want to miss.
Whether you are planning your first trip to Costa Rica or a return trip, make sure big-game sport fishing in on your adventure agenda.

Offshore fishing targets

How is fishing in Quepos Manuel Antonio?

In our offshore fishing trips you’ll be trolling around 10-20 miles from the shore. At this distance, you’ll have a big game fishing chance at catching marlin in the 250-700lb range or sailfish in the 100-250lb range. So, if getting hold one of these great beasts has always been on your bucket list, this is your opportunity.

Pacific central coast has a wealth of activities to enjoy, which makes it one of the most visited regions in Costa Rica – and that is saying a lot since the country offers a lot of competition. This part of the country is beautiful, but it is also convenient to get to. For travelers heading over from the capital of San Jose, the busiest tourist port in the country,
it will be easy to access North Puntarenas to go sport fishing or to do anything else they’d like! This area offers a little something for everyone, so if only one person in your travel group is interested in fishing, everyone else can stay entertained too.

Best Offshore Fishing Charters

When is the best time to do offshore fishing in Costa Rica?

However, some areas have proved to be better during certain times of the year for different species. As with most fishing seasons, these are not scientific or exact, but they do provide a good base to work with, so your expectations on what can be caught are set correct. The most famous fishing season for Costa Rica is when our large schools of Pacific sailfish show up in the central pacific areas between Drake Bay and Los Suenos. With Quepos being right in the heart of it all. These schools typically arrive in Costa Rica around December and remain here until April. December to April in the central pacific area, is considered the absolute best months for sail fishing in Costa Rica. But, don’t let that fool you as we have sailfish in Costa Rica year-round.

Known as ‘transitional months’ when all offshore species can be caught on an offshore fishing trip. Even though December through April, might get the most attention and buzz, the fishing during the off sailfish season is still exceptional. On any given day during the ‘off-season’, you will likely catch marlin, sailfish, tuna, and dorado (mahi-mahi). This is the time of year as well when we see more marlin around as they coincide with the yellowfin tuna runs we get during the summer months.

The offshore fishing is still great, but the weather can be a bit wet compared to other months. This does not affect the fishing, but if you are traveling with family and want to enjoy the other activities Costa Rica is famous for, you might get more rain you would like while onshore. However, if you want to catch fish and don’t mind the possibility of rain in the afternoons, these months are great for meat fish and billfish. There is not much pressure on the fish and because many boats do maintenance and it is just not a peak travel time in general. If your goal is filling the coolers with fresh tuna or dorado, there is the best time to come.

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